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I tried downloading it but every time it said "app info is missing from data folder" and it wouldn't let me play the demo. its probably my stupid computer or me not knowing what I'm doing but idk its not working

Congrats on Kickstarter! Our first look is up

I still had issues with characters freezing or not being able to progress, but this game really does have potential. I added it to my Toast Bites list (number 4). Glad you got funded. Looking forward to the finished product!

Played it! Hope you make it, you're at 28,000 of 30,000. :) 7 days to go! Come onnn Kickstarter!


I really like this game! However in the demo, I ran into a bug where I blackscreened after trying to continue after I died. Everything else was solid though. I didn't get stuck in the game, and the controls were fine for keyboard. I also liked the art and music. Hopefully the game gets Greenlit!

Overall, the game is awesome and has cool art style, but I've had a really hard time playing as Elliot, he would constantly freeze in place and only move again when he took damage. Ray, on the other hand, moved smoothly, but her projectiles, as said in the "known issues" were quite unpredictable. Looking forward to the final game!

We've actually been tracking down Elliot's bug for a while now, but I think we got it! Give it another shot and let me know if you are still running into it!


The demo is really fun! The monsters are cool and the characters are so unique! I'm really looking forward to being able to play more.


Played through the other day. Loved it!!

Just realized I never responded to this... THANK YOU SO MUCH! We watched the video as soon as you posted it, and you had some really awesome feedback that we started to implement. Thanks again for playing!


Np glad you enjoyed it

Looking forward to playing more


OMG!!! I can't believe this is a game!! *-* I'm so excited~